Custom White Kitchen and Plum Cabinetry

Custom White Kitchen and Plum Cabinetry


The beauty of white and plum

For this project we were asked by the client to design a completely white kitchen. Orthogonal patterning was used on the acrylic panel door for a calming effect to the space. The kitchen coffee cabinet displays a soft plum colour for a bold contrast. Square knobs on the cabinet doors also add a nice detail.

A splash of green on the inside of the white entryway cabinets in the entryway add a nice touch of colour, while a cascade of horizontal walnut slates adds beautiful texture and flow down to the seat, which is perfect for putting on shoes before heading out the door.

A stunning plum display cabinet was created to compliment the home’s colour theme and also features a delicate floral pattern on its side. A spritely television stand was also designed in white, black and plum to balance the other elements throughout the living space.

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