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We design and build unique, custom cabinets and furniture

At Neoform Art Cabinetry, we believe art has found a special place in custom furniture and cabinetry. Our passion has always been to take your vision and create beautiful, functional, one-of-a-kind pieces of art for you and your space. No matter how ambitious, every new project presents a unique challenge, whether it’s cabinets, shelves, kitchens or bathrooms—any space can be filled with artful creations. We take great pride and joy knowing that Neoform touches the lives of our customers, bringing them many years of use and enjoyment.

Our Story.

Frank Prendergast—a third-generation carpenter—was first bitten by the bug at age 10 when he built a scale model house. By the age of 18, Frank had opened his own woodworking shop. He attended design and architecture courses at Carleton University to build upon his hands-on experience, growing his passion for carpentry in the process.

Over the years, Frank has applied his innovative design skills and superior craftsmanship to a full range of building projects—from custom homes and large-scale renovations to complete commercial and residential interiors.

Frank’s keen eye for detail and exacting standards, coupled with his “big picture” approach and conceptual flare, allow him to combine a variety of traditional and cutting-edge media. he produces gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture and cabinetry solutions using the best pieces of wood, plus combinations of fashioned concrete, plastics, steel, or glass.

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